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Jonathan Stone MA in Psych, UKCP accredited

My name is Jonathan Stone. I am an experienced qualified Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor, I believe that ‘relationships’ both past and present play a fundamental part in our well-being and at times our distress. Current research shows consistently that it is the 'relationship' that is most significant in the healing process of therapy. I aim to facilitate as therapist, supportive, healing relational contact.

Continuing Professional Development

I continually strive to keep abreast of the current growing evidence base in Neuroscience having been part of a study group with author and Analytical Psychologist Margaret Wilkinson. I attended a series of on-going weekend trainings for several years, specifically aimed at the 'body process' led by Psychotherapist and trainer Michael Soth. I have completed UKCP validated supervision training. I regularly attend supervision with a senior teaching supervisor and meet regularly with professional colleagues.


I have significant experience of working with a wide range of clients. Ages range from teens to older adults. I work with people experiencing a range of issues such as:

Relationship difficulties

Anxiety and depression

Work related issues


Personal development

Trauma and abuse

Issues relating to anger (anger management)

Some sexual difficulties

Health problems

Current Specific Interests include:

Personality Adaptations


Trauma, specific and chronic


Somatisation and somatic disorders

Relationship difficulties - individual and couples

I am qualified and experienced in working successfully with clients who have a psychiatric diagnosis and have received or are receiving the appropriate psychiatric care, relating to - personality disorders, mood disorders and psychosis.

My Approach - Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy

Integration involves drawing the best from different psychotherapeutic approaches and blending them based on certain core principles. These core principles are that the client-therapist relationship is an essential aspect of healing and that our development as children affects how we are now. If aspects of us are not supported as children, they do not fully develop and cannot integrate seamlessly into our personality.

The Integrative training programme devised by the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute is a developmental-relational approach intergrating Object Relations, Psychoanalytic Self-Psychology and aspects of Humanistic Psychology. Further integration of Developmental Psychology is made via the work of John Bowlby, Margaret Mahler, Daniel Stern and others.

The effectiveness of this kind of Integrative Psychotherapy is based on the ability of the psychotherapist to make an informed relationship with the client and to use his/her understanding of the difficulties in the relationship (including conscious and unconscious aspects, emotional and intellectual understanding) to address the client's difficulties.

The psychotherapist has to use both his/her theoretical and personal skills in this engagement and be sensitively aware of their own contribution to the relationship. This responsibility requires a high degree of self-awareness, honesty, receptivity, professional acceptance and ethical endeavour on the part of the therapist.

Further to my core training, I have attended numerous trainings that I consider to enhance my effectiveness as a therapist. Some of the trainings aren't considered by some to be a natural fit to my core approach, however, I find I am always able to use the learning to critique my practice and there is always something useful that I can use and offer where helpful. I have attended numerous certificated trainings in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, Brief Counselling, Interpersonal therapy.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Qualifications and accreditation

  • Diploma in Supervision
  • Praxis Certificate (Diploma level) - Couples Counselling
  • Masters Degree Integrative Psychotherapy
  • Post graduate Diploma Integrative Psychotherapy
  • SPTI Foundation Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • UKCP accredited member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
  • Enhanced DBS Clearance (formally known as CRB)
  • MA awarded by Birmingham University.
  • Integrative Psychotherapy training with SPTI - Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute.

For more information on my practice, please see my directories on Psychotherapy.org.uk and Counselling-directory.org.uk.

National Health Service (NHS)

Recently worked within NHS primary care working with people from a diverse range of backgrounds with different needs, with a short term time limited focus.

I have previously worked at an NHS Hospital and within a GP practice where I provided both long term and short term Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I have also previously worked as a therapist within a youth service.

Organisational Experience

Before training and practising as a psychotherapist, I spent 21 years working in industry, both in the private and public sectors. I held several different posts, from engineering through to management. This included mentoring, leading and supporting staff. This has given me good insight into to working lives and how the dynamics of work can influence and affect individuals both professionally and personally. I have also performed roles influencing organisational change.

Further Offerings

Clinical Supervision

I offer clinical supervision. My approach is developmental-relational and I have a comprehensive broad understanding of the many different approaches to counselling and psychotherapy . I work within the UKCP ethical framework for supervision which includes regular supervision of my own supervision.

I have been in clinical practice for over 13 years.

Employment Assistance Programme (EAP)

I provide counselling for companies and their employees, which is typically work related, but can be for other reasons also. My industry experience can have particular relevance here (see Organisational experience).

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