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Counselling and Psychotherapy Mental Health Services

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My name is Jonathan Stone. I am an experienced qualified Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor, I believe that ‘relationships’ both past and present play a fundamental part in our well-being and at times our distress. Current research shows consistently that it is the 'relationship' that is most significant in the healing process of therapy. I aim to facilitate as therapist, supportive, healing relational contact.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

The terms Counselling and Psychotherapy can be used interchangeably and often are used to describe the same thing, I often use the term 'therapy'. Both aim to offer a deeply affirming and accepting space, where safety can be found, providing the opportunity for growth and a new way of being. A space to work through current difficulties you are experiencing.


The term Counselling is used here to describe short term work of between 6 - 12 sessions. This work usually focuses on offering support and perhaps strategies whilst individuals experience difficulties relating to a specific issue. The number of sessions can sometimes be altered based on the individuals best interest.

Counselling provides the opportunity for individuals to explore their issues and difficulties in a confidential and safe setting. As with my approach to Integrative psychotherapy I use a synthesis of different approaches blending them based on certain core principles. Integrative Counselling can be used as an effective time limited, focused therapy where attention can be given to more immediate issues such as a 'life event' for example.


The term Psychotherapy is used here to describe a process of psychological growth in far greater depth and enables the client to develop a more effective and fulfilling sense of self. Early in life, when aspects of our personality aren't supported as children, patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour are formed and can become fixed in ways that are not always helpful to us, restricting our choice and our freedom.

The process can be about healing the wounds of early abuse or neglect and requires a commitment to longer-term work.

Couple Counselling

All relationships face difficulties at some point or another, perhaps the situation has changed such as having children for example or seemingly change has happened for one of you, like illness, a new job, or new interests. Working with a therapist that understands these kinds of issues can be very helpful in offering new insights and support in your evolving relationship together (even if it feels 'stuck'). If there is distress in the relationship for one or both of you, it can feel overwhelming, unsafe and impossible to work through things. I will aim to facilitate for you both a space where it is possible to begin to work through any issues that are part of the distress, and work towards things being different.


You are very welcome to contact me for an initial conversation from the following number 07976226577. This is a dedicated number for client use, if I'm unable to answer please leave a message with how to contact you, and I will return your call as soon as possible. Often you will get an answer phone used by me to avoid interruptions during sessions. Please do not be be put off by this, I will telephone you back if you leave your name and number. If you prefer, I can be contacted by email in the contact form below.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services.

Private Practice

I offer Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy, Couples Counselling and EAP services.

I am able to provide therapy from Derby and on-line.

I can offer depending on location and availability - daytime and evening appointments.

I aim to offer a safe and confidential ‘space’ where individuals can feel free to explore their personal experiences without feeling judged.

Fees and Availability

Initial Individual Assessment session

Individual Pyschotherapy /Counselling session

Couples Counselling

£30 - 50 mins

£55 - 50 mins

£65 - 60 mins

I offer 90 min sessions where needed and agreed upon.

Frequently asked questions

How long does therapy last?

The length of any therapy is ultimately your choice and should be reviewed periodically. For making sense of recent life events or mild to moderate symptoms 6 sessions can be all that is needed. Depending on the initial assessment there may be clinical consideration relating to any symptoms you are experiencing that may have a bearing for longer term work. Some issues that have been long standing over many years can require long term work which as a therapist I am committed to supporting you with once agreements have been made and the work has begun. I adhere strictly to the UKCP code of conduct not to prolong any therapy for longer than is necessary.

My GP sent me away with anti-depressants, should I take them?

GP's should make an assessment of whether a talking therapy, anti-depressants or both are appropriate for you at your appointment. More recently talking therapies have become more accessible via the NHS and for some symptoms is a great way to get what you need. This has reduced the tendency for GP's to prescribe drugs due to lack of alternatives. Unfortunately typically only 6 sessions will be provided and may not be enough. Furthermore there is currently an increasing reduction in the availability of talking therapies that require longer, in some areas there is no provision at all. Anti depressants can be very helpful in reducing distressing symptoms, they can provide much needed support in having them and can also aid any talking therapy when it just feels to much. Anti-depressants do not 'fix' the problem however. It is of course your choice, and it is important to consider your GP's advice. If you do decide to take them it is important for the dosage to be taken as prescribed.

Why doesn't my therapist say much?

Or why does he say things that are hard to hear?

Some therapists say more than others, offering more feedback and ideas and others say very little. This is usually due to the therapists approach and training and their relational style. It can feel excruciating to sit in silence while being 'stared at', a possible way to address this creatively is by altering seating positions for example. Silences are as important to any therapy as the talking is. It is important for you to be able to bring to sessions what you need to, for this reason it is important for the therapist to be non directive. Once the therapist begins to get to know you, therapy needs to provide insights and reparative experiences for you to be able to make the changes you are aiming to make and are necessary to not only reduce symptoms but bring greater inner capacities and resource and about more peace and a greater sense of freedom and possibility

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